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Boundry and fire-tables


It's cold outside. It's winter. You need some fire in your life. When I was a teenager, a huge social event was the bonfire. Particularly resourceful kids would set it up and then bestow their blessings on the lucky ones who would be invited. There were always s'mores involved, but never enough knowledge about fire or layers of clothing. So, I say, leave the fire to the experts, put on enough clothes and enjoy a grown-up fire.

These are very impressive fires indeed at Boundry, a restaurant at 911 20th Ave. South. They have what is essentially an outside lounge, and, when I was there recently, that included fire-tables. Well, at least, that's what I call them. These "fire-tables" are circular tables with a roaring fire parked in the middle of them. I believe you can have drinks out there or even an entire meal.

Although I do highly suggest the fire-tables, I would recommend Boundry to anyone, any time of the year. The Bar opens at 4pm, and dinner begins at 5pm every day of the week. They also make a late night menu for you night owls, served from roughly 10pm to midnight. This is a nice, unique place to eat. They have everything from falafel to lobster pizza. The menu is slightly Asian, but also slightly Middle-Eastern; then they serve things like ostrich. Keep in mind, however, that you will pay a price for all of these nice things.

If dinner isn't in your budget, or maybe you don't like things like falafel or ostrich, then go for the fire-tables. Enjoy their bar, which may be more atmospheric and interesting than the actual restaurant, and then take your drinks out to the fire-tables. It's a fun place to be in an active part of Nashville that isn't downtown. And where else can you have an adult bonfire in the middle of the city?

Information Credit: Boundry

Photo Credit: besighyawn


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