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'Boundless' on Esquire Network: Paul “Turbo” Trebilcock answers questions

Esquire with permission

It is time for season two of "Boundless" on Esquire Network. On Sunday, Examiner got the chance to talk to Paul "Turbo" Trebilcock over email and find out what to expect this season and more. It is going to be an exciting season of this series that you will not want to miss.

Here is what Paul had to say:

Are you excited that your show was picked up for a second season? Was it hard to decide if you wanted to do it again?

I was super excited "Boundless" got picked up by Esquire Network for a second season.

To tell the truth I was really unsettled about ever doing it again after the first season. The schedule and travel were intense, the races intense, it was really hard on the family as well. Once I saw the show edited and put together, along with all the positive feedback from our fans it changed my outlook. The shooting of season 2 was much smoother, we all know what we have to do and were all used to one another and grew as a unit.

What can fans expect so see this season?

This season fans can expect to see more intensity. We did even crazier races. We definitely pushed the limits this year. The Costa Rica adventure race will be one to remember.

Your show seems very unique. Are there any other shows out there that do anything close to what you do?

This show is definitely one of a kind, there is nothing out there that even comes close. You get up close and personal with some of the most grueling races on the planet.

Should fans expect another season of "Boundless"?

After the Canadian feedback we have gotten back this season, we hope to be able to shoot another season. We are deep into our training and queuing up the races for another crazy racing season

This show will premiere on Esquire Network on May 27 10 p.m. EST/PST. If you want to hear what Simon Donato had to say about the show, you can read it at this link.

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