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Bouncing in a Ball in New Zealand

It may sound crazy, but bouncing down a hill inside a plastic ball can be an hilariously fun experience.
It may sound crazy, but bouncing down a hill inside a plastic ball can be an hilariously fun experience.

It’s the sort of activity that is over way too fast and leaves you laughing the entire time - bouncing and rolling while traversing down a hill inside a big inflatable ball.
Yes. You read that right.
Sound crazy?
Crazy fun.
It’s one of those crazy things that New Zealand has become known for. You pop yourself inside a big plastic ball suspended inside of an even bigger ball and then sit back while someone launches you down a hill.
While you may fear that you’ll just go tumbling around inside the sphere and get hurt, that isn’t the case at all. Once inside you simply slide around as the globe rolls and bounces its way along the downhill course. The sensation is one of entire expectation of what is to come and not really knowing. Having done it over and over again, the excitement, anticipation and laughter never stops.
The best advice is to “go wet.” That means letting the crew add water to the ball when you enter. The water makes the experience more slippery, allowing you to glide around inside the ball a little easier as it goes spinning down the hill.
The original name for this phenomenon was Zorbing and the whole thing started in Rotorua, New Zealand in 1994 when Andrew Akers and Dwane van der Sluis wanted to create a ball that would allow people to walk on water. They quickly found they could have more fun just rolling the balls down hills.
They called the spheres Zorbs and started a company to let others join in the fun. Zorbing soon went global with countless people climbing into plastic balls and flinging themselves blindly downhill. The water was added one summer when Andrew’s brother David’s wife complained it was hot and the guys just threw water in on her and gave her a shove. She had the last laugh…. It’s now truly the preferred way to do it.
Andrew ran the company for 12 years before selling out. But obsessed with making what was already fun ever better, Andrew didn’t rest; joining forces with his brother David.
The two set out to make the spheres even more durable and exciting. They called the new venture OGO. Now OGO has taken off and has spread to North America, the United Kingdom and Australia.
The Akers grew up in Rotorua and their OGO course is located on the original 17 acre Zorb location just five minutes from the heart of the city. There are multiple ride options and you can be assured that once is not enough. You can easily spend an entire day there.
OGO is opened 350 days a year and operates well into the evening.
The Aker brothers are constantly tinkering with improving their plastic balls. Each one is made by hand and according to David, takes about 120 hours to create.
For pricing and booking on your OGO adventure, contact OGO.
525 Ngongotaha Rd
Fairy Springs
Rotorua 3015, New Zealand

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