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Bounce house Colorado: Deflating bounce house blows away with 2 kids inside

Another bounce house took flight over the weekend and like the other incidents in the headlines lately there were kids inside this inflatable play equipment. This commercial grade bounce house was moored down, but even the professional installation of this attraction was no match for a gust of wind that caught the inflatable kids' attraction at a lacrosse game in Colorado, according to the L.A. Times on June 2.

A bounce house in Colorado carries two kids away on a gust of wind. Caught on video.
YouTube screen shot

Just like a "paper bag" caught in a whirlwind, the bounce house tumbled across about 300-feet of an open field with two children inside. Parents and spectators of the lacrosse game watched in horror. One child was tossed out of the bounce house shortly after it was lifted in the wind, according to CNN News today.

The other child was trapped inside for the entire 300-foot journey that the inflatable was carried in the wind, he was helped out by spectators. This bounce house turned into a "danger chamber" in a matter of seconds when this huge and very light popular kid's attraction was picked up and carried away. Both children were treated for only minor injuries.

Once again a bounce house becoming airborne was caught on video and in this incident from Saturday you can get a feel for the enormous size of this commercial air-filled house. You can see the incident in the video above.

Fire officials investigated this incident immediately after it happened and they believe that the house, which is constantly being pumped full of hot air via an air compressor, became detached from the compressor. This caused the house to deflate, giving it enough play to act like a sail once the gust of wind came along.

The kids were lucky to escape with minor injuries as some of the other kids, who were recently caught in bounce houses taking flight across the country, were not. Last month a backyard bounce house was caught in a gust of wind and it was sent flying over 20-feet off the ground.

A child still remains in the hospital today from this incident in Upstate New York back on May 12. Two boys who were five and six fell out of the bounce house when it was about 15 to 20-feet off the ground. The six-year-old suffered two broken arms and facial injuries, he was treated and released from the hospital.

The five-year-old child suffered serious injuries and is still in the hospital today. Another incident in the news lately saw the bounce house picked up so high that it actually dropped a child onto the roof of a house. When these houses get caught in the wind they become fast moving vehicles and they can reach dangerous heights, as seen in the past.

The journal Pediatrics published a study in 2012 suggested that 31 kids a day were treated in emergency rooms around the nation after being injured in bounce house incidents. The injuries range from broken bones to cuts and scrapes.

Many of these incidents happen while the house is on the ground. The kids bounce and fall and get hurt. But when the bounce houses do take flight with kids inside, it usually ends with more than superficial injuries, unlike Saturday's incident.

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