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Everybody comes to Boulder, Colorado, especially those Los Angeles transplants that wanted to escape the traffic & pretentious people. Boulder offers much of the same LA has to offer: amazing climate, mountains, beautiful people and awesome scenery. The entertainment industry is also starting to explode, many of thanks to Metal Flowers Media owner, Krisi Russell, and her strong army of casting producers setting up shop close to FATE Brewing Co.

Everybody goes to Hollywood to make it in the neighborhood as there's something in the air and it shines so bright - much like we all know it does. So, what are the main differences between Hollywood & Boulderwood? Let's examine them:

Traffic: We all know that everyone bitches about the traffic in LA that has caused people to migrate away from SoCal just for this reason. Traffic can be difficult in Boulder, too but it's a much different kind of traffic. Yeah, the lights are long, but compared to LA, it's a breeze.

People: Yeah, Boulder & Hollywood are surrounded by beautiful human beings, but the people in Boulder seem to not care so much about labels and social status. The Colorado Athletic Club in Boulder is a prime example. Many young, attractive families matriculate around the gym/pool during the weekend and all laugh, communicate and have a great time together. If you were to venture to a pool in Hollywood, only your click talks with one another, your most likely surrounded by celebrities and many a glares are seen behind those sexy Ray Bans.

Weather: Summers are amazing in Colorado. The winters on the other hand, are not the best. They are not awful, though. The sun shines 300 days + a year & because Colorado is so high up in the air, it makes the outside temperature feel at least 10 degrees warmer than it actually is. Los Angeles has amazing weather, 365 days a year for the most part and one never deals with a snowstorm. It's nice to have seasons in Boulder though, especially those who are fans of winter sports and other various activities.

So, deciding your next move? I would say visit both and venture to various restaurants, bars, parks, sight see and participate in activities that veterans/natives do on a daily basis. Or, you could invest in living in Boulder April - September & Hollywood October - March. Welcome to BOULDERWOOD.