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'Boulder County Bombers' new roller derby league recruiting members in Longmont

Boulder County Bombers promo photo
Boulder County Bombers promo photo

Longmont has great warehouse space, and some of that space recently has been “lovingly” turned into 'The Bomb Shelter' as the practice space for the newest female roller derby league the 'Boulder County Bombers.'

Longmont and Boulder County's newest roller derby league!
Boulder County Bombers

Founded by newly transplanted Longmont resident and professional derby skater Courtney MacArthur in the summer of 2011, the league has already grown to 40 active skaters, many of whom work, live, and go to school in Longmont. (Details about a new recruit event being held this weekend, November 19th in Longmont, can be found at the bottom of this article)

As for the location based league name? According to MacArthur, when creating the league “they specifically chose to include the phrase ‘Boulder County’ in the name because they wanted to reach out to the entire area.” While the biggest response to the team has been from CU in Boulder, the recruitment of new members is growing here in Longmont. The league regularly post fliers to local businesses on Main Street and also at Front Range Community College, where some derby members are students. Additionally, The Boulder County Bombers plan to be visible either in or at the Longmont Parade of Lights next month.

The league also promotes a non-bullying and positive message. “It is so inspiring to watch young women - and men - realize that there are some really powerful female role models out there that can be successful without necessarily fitting into the traditional mold. We are unapologetically ourselves and we don't let the status quo stop us from accomplishing our goals” according to MacArthur.

The Boulder County Bombers would love to work with Longmont schools. “We absolutely jump on any opportunity to spread our anti-bullying message to school-age children. I was with the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls before I moved up here, and we were able to do a demo at Girls, Inc. The Boulder County Bombers worked extensively with the Boulder High School theater department to help them pull off the roller skating portions of their wonderfully campy version of the 80's cult classic, Xanadu.” MacArthur said.

The league is not yet competing, but is recruiting new members. Which works out perfect as it’s actually the off season for most leagues right now and according to MacArthur, “being a new league…getting everyone up to speed is all that much more rewarding.”

New recruitment dates are scheduled for this week, one of which is this Saturday, November 19th at the Pumphouse Brewery in Longmont. The Boulder County Bombers are looking for skaters who are ages 18 and up. According to MacArthur (who also is a wife and mother to two young children), she has skated with people in their 50's and 60's before. “It really has more to do with fitness level and determination than age. That's why we say 18+. We really do mean it!” MacArthur said.

And as for the “Bomb Shelter” practice location? According to MacArthur, “it has a really interesting aesthetic - it's very industrial chic! We absolutely love it. Finding practice space in Boulder County was the biggest hurdle. It had to be big enough (6500 sq ft), it had to have the right surface, no pillars or other obstacles, and it had to be in our price range, which for an aspiring non-profit is very low. Finding the "Bomb Shelter" was a match made in derby heaven.” The Bombers are also currently fundraising for a "sport court" style floor, because that's what most games are played on and in order to play well on that surface, we do need to practice on that surface.”

Come find out what it takes to be a Boulder Bounty Bomber! Everyone is welcome to come to this informational meeting. No skate experience necessary.

Boulder County Bombers – New Recruit Night in Longmont

Saturday, November 19th, 2011 at 7:30pm

Location: Pumphouse Brewery, 540 Main Street

Boulder County Bombers website (also on Facebook and Twitter)

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