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Bottomzup Bar and Grill is your ultimate Super Bowl destination

Fans gear up for Super Bowl XLVIII
Fans gear up for Super Bowl XLVIII
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Wondering where to watch the Super Bowl in New York this year? Well, look no further than Bottomzup Bar & Grill. Recently named Sports Illustrated's "Sports Bar on the Rise," Bottomzup boasts forty-five 60" flat screens, huge raffle giveaways, great food and drink specials plus a tailgate inspired menu that actually reflects the teams in action.

Bottomzup's Super Bowl "Kitchen Rivalry"

Already a huge hit with New York fans and foodies, Bottomzup is taking things to the next level for the big game by bringing the rivalry from the field to the kitchen with a special Super Bowl menu. Executive Chef Maurice Lopez will be debuting new menu items inspired by the Seahawks and Broncos face-off. You'll love the Seattle inspired Salmon Rosemary Burgers and Pork Belly Pancakes and a host of Denver inspired offerings.

Bottomzup's Drunken Super Bowl Cupcakes

New York bakers Drunken LadyCakes will also be preparing cocktail-infused Super Bowl cupcakes that are exclusively available at Bottomzup. With Denver and Peyton Manning heading to the postseason finale, guests will be able to try their first Colorado Bulldog Cupcake, frosted with Broncos colors and prepared with Vodka, Kahlua, Coca Cola and milk. The bar will even mix up craft cocktails reflecting the teams (so you can definitely expect to see some Washington Apples with Seattle in the big game).

Unparalleled Event Programming

Never miss a minute of the action with practically panoramic views of the game. Convenience features like personal table speakers, let you control the volume of coverage even at the tensest moments of the game. Addicted to social media and play-by-play sharing? Well, you won't have to worry about running out of juice with Bottomzup's hi-speed phone charging stations, giving you the power to tweet, text and follow the action in real-time right from your smart phone.

Great Giveaways

With raffle prizes and great giveaways at the end of every quarter, and the grand prize of taking home your very own huge flat screen HDTV, you'll have even more cause to celebrate.

So even if New York's not in it this year, why not come out to watch the Super Bowl with other sports fans and foodies, who'll help you drown your sorrows with some great wings, quality burgers and pints. Bottomzup's Kitchen Rivalry Super Bowl event will be an unforgettable experience that's sure to make the magic of the big game even more enjoyable (without all the pre-game fuss and post-game cleanup). For more info visit Bottomzup Facebook page.

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