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Bottom line: Unlucky Celtics, bumbling Buchholz, WEEI shakeups

What do the Red Sox do with Clay Buchholz?
What do the Red Sox do with Clay Buchholz?
Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

It hasn't been a banner couple of weeks for Boston sports. The Bruins got eliminated from the playoffs by the hated Canadiens. The Celtics ended up with the sixth overall pick in the NBA draft. The Red Sox have lost six in a row. Former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez is facing new murder charges. What else bad can happen? Maybe I shouldn't ask. Here's this week's bottom line:

  • So what do you think the Red Sox can get in return via trade for Will Middlebrooks and Clay Buchholz? I'd settle for Jenny Dell.
  • Can we put to rest all this talk of "tanking" in the NBA? A team with a 1.9% chance of winning the NBA lottery won the NBA lottery. Losing guarantees nothing.
  • And how do you explain the Cleveland Cavaliers having the top overall pick the last three out of four years? And they still suck.
  • Let's just save time and money and lock Aaron Hernandez away in a prison cell for life-- preferably with Jared Remy.
  • The way Bill Belichick conducted his draft seems to indicate he may want to stick around even after Tom Brady retires.
  • Would it surprise anyone if two years from now Belichick traded Tom Brady for a couple of second round draft picks?
  • The Tim Duncan-led San Antonio Spurs are the most under-appreciated dynasty in the history of sports.
  • Is baseball that violent of a sport? How do you explain all the injuries that have happened in the first two months of the season?
  • Baseball players are the spoiled brats of sports. They make the most money, eat sunflower seeds while they play, yet complain about the littlest things.
  • I like Mike "Mut" Mutnansky a lot at WEEI. He always seemed the most prepared of any host on the station, but if you don't bring in the ratings, you're in trouble.
  • Style over substance
  • Unless you're the Spurs.
  • Did you see where a Los Angeles Dodgers' minor leaguer chewed off part of the ear of a teammate? What is so appetizing about an ear?
  • It is not only a huge loss for the Miami Marlins losing their young stud pitcher Jose Fernandez, but it's a huge loss for all baseball fans. Fernandez was fun to watch.
  • Can we quit it with the innings limits for young pitchers? The last three years we've seen Stephen Strasburg, Matt Harvey, and, now, Fernandez all need Tommy John surgery. All three were put on pitch counts and innings limits. All three still got hurt.
  • It wouldn't surprise me if it comes out at a later date that the NFL gave the St. Louis Rams a little "nudge" to draft Michael Sam and that the two major sports networks were in on it. Seemed a little too staged the way it went down.
  • Careful parking in tight spaces, people. I've heard it's very dangerous.
  • Kevin Love coming to the Celtics is a pipe dream, just like Kevin Garnett coming to Boston. Oh, wait.
  • Can Stephen Drew pitch?
  • For all the talk of organizational depth in the Red Sox farm system, there is no one who can help Boston right now. That includes Allen Webster, Garin Cecchini, Christian Vazquez, Rubby De La Rosa, and Brandon Workman.
  • The minor leaguer who may be able to provide a spark for Boston is at Double-A. But what position would Mookie Betts play? The natural second baseman has started playing some games in center field at Portland.
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