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Bottom-baring bridesmaids show poor taste and lack of class

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It's a new trend (or maybe a sort of trend) in wedding photography that may say more about the declining morals in our society than anyone realizes. According to, some bridesmaids and brides are opting for a staged photo showing off some flesh. See some of the eyebrow-raising photos HERE and tell me what you think.

The photos are taken from behind the bride and bridesmaids and feature the bridesmaids with hiked up skirts that show off a butt cheek and possibly some underwear. The brides and bridemaids are usually holding their hands to their mouths or cheeks (the ones on their faces) in an "oops -- I didn't realize my skirt was up!" pose.

Sure, a wedding is meant to be a celebration of the joy and the fun of marriage, but really, have we just downgraded it to something that is just a bawdy joke? As a newlywed myself, I wouldn't have a problem with a photo of me that shows just a hint of flesh and was meant solely for my husband. A staged photo of bride and bridesmaids in the wedding album, though? As a kid, I used to love looking over my parents' wedding photos and asking all about the ceremony and the people pictured. I can't imagine showing my children a ribald photo that would make them embarrassed and me uncomfortable -- or vice versa.

Our society continues to slide farther down into the moral cesspit with horrible reality shows featuring questionable morals and activity and a permissive sentiment that says "anything goes."

What's next? Snapshots from the bride and groom's wedding night? How about Pinterest pics of gifts and the price tags? If we are veering more toward the tasteless and tacky in wedding planning, why not go ahead and print the accrued expenses on the wedding invitation and add an expected expenditure from each guest? Classless weddings may become more popular than we expect.



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