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Bottles and sippy cups pose danger to children

A new study shows thousands of injuries due to cups, bottles and pacifiers

In a study releasted today in the journal Pediatrics, researchers at Nationwide Children's Hospital here in Columbus found that more than 45,000 infants and children were injured while using pacifiers, sippy cups and bottles from 1991 through 2010.

More than 2/3 of the injuries occurred while the child was using a bottle, 20 percent resulted while using a sippy cup and about 15 percent while using a pacifier. Most of the injuries involved falling while using these items.

Most injuries occurred in children age 1 year, as children that age are still unsteady on their feet while walking.

Types of injuries included cuts inside and around the mouth, bruises and dental injuries such as broken and chipped teeth.

This study only included injuries that resulted in a visit to the emergency room. It did not include injuries that caused the child to be taken to the pediatrician's office, dentist, urgent care, walk in clinic or injuries that were treated by parents at home.

Study authors suggest that parents only allow a child to have these items while seated, wean children off the pacifier at age 1 and transition children to a cup without a lid starting at age 1.


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