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Bottle your own water

How much does your favorite water cost you?

Bottled water is expensive. A single 1 Litre bottle of name brand water costs in the neighborhood of $2. Sometimes you can but it in bulk on sale and get it for just a few dollars for 24 .5L bottles. That is still not as inexpensive as water can be.
There are better options to buying name brand bottled water. You can bottle your own and reuse the same bottle hundreds of times. The options for that include buying a filtering water pitcher, an inline filtering system or even a water cooler.
The pitcher can be filled up and keept in your refriderator to use. That can provide you with hundreds of gallons of filtered water before the filter needs changing. Using the pitcher, the water is cold when you want it and you can easily keep it full all the time.
Then there is the inline filtering system which can be purchased and installed under your sink. These are a bit more pricey than a pitcher filter but some consider it more convenient. The filtered water is built right into your kitchen sink for ease of access. You don’t have to refill anything and the filter only needs to be changed about once a quarter pending on the system you purchase and how much demand you put on it.
The last alternative to buying individual bottled water is to subscribe to a water delivery service. You can have a water cooler just like the one in most offices. This is another recurring bill unlike the water filter pitcher and the filter system but it is a way you can get your name brand bottled water delivered for your enjoyment.
You are drinking bottled water to stay hydrated and do right by your body. Now you know how to be good to your body and your budget.

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