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Bottle Rock Napa Valley event tops 'California Living' list of Bay Area getaways

"Bottle Rock Napa Valley 2014" tops California Living™ with host Aprilanne Hurley's lists of perfect "Bay Area getaways" for live music, food & wine this weekend.
"Bottle Rock Napa Valley 2014" tops California Living™ with host Aprilanne Hurley's lists of perfect "Bay Area getaways" for live music, food & wine this weekend.

In their May 25 press announcement, "California Living™" announces "Bottle Rock Napa Valley" as the perfect "Bay Area getaway" happening "this weekend" to kick off your 2014 "California Living™ summer of fun." In essence, "Bottle Rock Napa Valley 2014" is a 3-day celebration of the best in "music + wine + food + beer" - taking place May 30, 31 and June 1 at the Napa Valley Expo. Foodies, music buffs and beer & wine enthusiasts will find "Bottle Rock Nap Valley's" high-end combination of platinum record performances paired with Michelin star cuisine a stellar experience of tastes, sights and sounds - all set to take place in downtown Napa, Calif. this weekend.

California Living™ TV host Aprilanne Hurley calls "Bottle Rock Napa Valley" #1 "Bay Area Getaway" to kick off your 2014 "California Living™ Summer of Fun."

To make the most of your "Bottle Rock Napa Valley" experience, California Living™ suggests Bottle Rock attendees take a look at the "Bottle Rock 2014" A-list line up of live bands set to perform on 4 stages to plan their "Bottle Rock 2014" getaway to Napa Valley, Calif., this weekend, and then choose from 1 day passes, 3 day passes and VIP or Platinum Bottle Rock Event Passes.

On the cuisine scene, CALIFORNIA LIVING™ calls "Bottle Rock Napa Valley 2014" a fun and healthy "Party Girl Diet" approved food & wine event, stating, "Bottle Rock Napa Valley 2014 offers event attendees the opportunity to 'taste' and experience Napa Valley food & wine like a rock star." Adding, “You’ll salivate just looking at the A-list of restaurants, wineries and food purveyors making a tasty appearance at the Bottle Rock Napa Valley 2014 food & wine scene."

Make "Bottle Rock Napa Valley 2014" your go-to "Bay Area Getaway" this weekend for the chance to “taste” fresh, local cuisine and specialties dishes from an array of the best restaurants for Napa and surrounding areas such as:

• Angele – Napa’s French Country restaurant & bar with refined bistro fare
• Morimoto Napa – Signature blend of Western and Japanese cuisine
Nick’s Cove - The “very essence of farm-to-table cuisine”
• Napa Valley Crust – LaPrima Pizza’s new catering pizza truck…and many more uber-tasty eats & treats to satisfy any palette!

Bottle Rock 2014 will be showcasing an array of local Napa Valley wines and craft beers from the area - with the opportunity to meet some of the wine makers that make Napa Valley one the world’s top wine producing & wine tasting destinations.

Where to stay: Calfiornia Living™ recommends you complete your Bottle Rock Napa Valley, Calif. experience with a stay at at participating "Bottle Rock Napa Valley" hotel partner or resort this weekend, to make it a “Bay Area getaway” in Napa Valley to remember long after the music of this stellar Bay Area event fades.

Until next time, "keep the party going" ~ Aprilanne

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