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Botox for britches?

Rumored to have started in prisons as a pick-me-up for inmates who wanted a little extra posterior attention, the sagging pants trend has spread and shows no sign of slacking. Now, you can step on the train or bus on an ordinary day's commute and you get an eyeful because you've managed to see every young man (and some women) from age fourteen to twenty-five's underwear. You can only hope that their underwear are cleaner than the way you feel after being forced to see strangers in their unmentionables. With a trend that was inspired by men to entice other men, one does one manage to attract anyone not incarcerated like this?! Who would've ever thought that men would be the ones who wouldn't leave anything to the imagination. With this sagging fad, if a person sags their pants low enough you can see the cuff of their derriere and if the belt they are wearing (yes they still see the need to wear belts during this phenomenon) are tight enough, you can see the imprint of their privates. A fashion faux-pas where you can sneakily get your rocks off, a physical cheat sheet of sorts. We can only hope that clothing inspired by Skid Row doesn't come with skidmarks. Skip the trip to Starbucks maybe.