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Both Sides of the Local Ballot Issues: Debate, March 22

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The Estes Park Tea Party Patriots are hosting a debate on March 22 on a few important issues on the April 1 Estes Park ballot. Issue 1A: the town is asking for a 1% increase in the sales tax. Issue 1B: the town is asking voters for permission to sell Lot 4 for development. Issue 2: the Friends of Lot 4 would like to put Lot 4 into a conservation easement.

The debate starts at 1:00 on Saturday, March 22 at Cheesy Lee’s at Elkhorn Ranch. Each group will explain their position in 3 minutes (or less), then have a combined 15 minutes to answer questions (submitted ahead of time by you, the readers).

Each issue will be represented by both sides of the debate. Issue 1A, the 1% sales tax increase, is being opposed by Todd Jirsa, and supported by town administrator Frank Lancaster. Issue 1B: the Lot 4 development, is being opposed by Dr. Chris Reveley and supported by John Cullen, from the Grand Heritage Hotel Group.

Submit questions for any of the debaters or subjects above to William Howell:

These three issues will be voted on in the April 1, 2014 election. It is a walk-in election, however, absentee ballots could be requested ahead of time.

Another pressing issue in the April 1 election is the three Estes Park Trustee positions. Mark your calendar for Monday, March 31, when the Estes Park Tea Party Patriots will host candidates to thank them for running for the Estes Park Trustee positions. Each candidate will have a few minutes to answer questions about issues facing the town, and then enjoy mingling with voters during a wine and cheese session. (More information available on



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