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Both parties agree on renewing the Patriot Act

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When it comes to building up the power of the federal government, both the Democrats and the Republicans agree.

Just recently with the support of the Obama administration the Senate Judiciary Committee passed the Patriot Act Reauthorization Bill, adopting almost all the Republican changes to the reauthorization bill that removed or watered down civil liberties protections.

Of course the position of the Obama administration and the quest for power was no secret.

“We’re deeply disappointed that the Obama administration sided with the committee Republicans to pass amendments to remove reforms from the already watered-down bill,” said Kevin Bankston, senior attorney for the Electronic Frontier Foundation

The ACLU also chimed in:

"We are disappointed that further changes were not made to ensure Americans’ civil liberties would be adequately protected by this Patriot Act legislation. This truly was a missed opportunity for the Senate Judiciary Committee to right the wrongs of the Patriot Act and stand up for Americans’ Fourth Amendment rights. The meager improvements made during this markup will certainly be overshadowed by allowing so many horrible amendments to be added to an already weak bill. Congress cannot continue to make this mistake with the Patriot Act again and again. We urge the Senate to adopt amendments on the floor that will bring this bill in line with the Constitution"

Needless to say this is a huge disappointment to freedom in America.

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