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Botched butt lift leads to manslaughter charges, allegations of discrimination

NY Post
NY Post
Tamara Blaine (left) died after receiving illegal butt injections, allegedly carried out by unlicensed beautician Tamira Mobley, who has been charged with manslaughter.

A New Jersey woman has been charged with manslaughter this week after she allegedly killed a 22-year-old Queens woman last summer with a botched buttocks lift – horrifyingly injecting the woman with household silicone in a seedy pay-per-hour hotel in Manhattan.

According to the NY Post on Tuesday, the unlicensed beautician who claimed to be a cosmetologist “was charged Tuesday with killing a client with a botched butt-enhancement injection.”

Tamara Blaine was found seizing and foaming at the mouth when police were called to the Liberty Inn along the West Side Highway in the Meatpacking District last July. Blaine had puncture holes in her buttocks. The Jamaica, Queens woman, who has a young son, was taken to St. Luke's Hospital, where she died a short time later.

The medical examiner ruled Blaine’s official cause of death as “a systemic silicone emboly due to a cosmetic silicone injection of the buttocks.”

Tamira Mobley, 28, was charged with assault and manslaughter Monday. She was ordered held in lieu of $100,000 bail. Mobley evidently called paramedics when she saw what her botched plump-up job did to her victim, and then took off. Police tracked her down and arrested her hours later.

“The defendant was running a small business [and ] we expect to have more charges,” Assistant District Attorney David Drucker said, noting that there may be other victims that are suffering problems from Mobley’s fraudulent cosmetic procedures.

Blaine paid Mobley “$500 to $800 on around six different occasions” for the illegally administered injections, according to investigators.

The victim’s mother, Lola Blaine, said she tried to report her daughter missing to NYC cops but that they refused to investigate immediately because Tamara was an adult.

“When I looked for her, nobody was there for me. That’s just the way it is. Black people only have value when they die,” Lola said. “I went in person to the precinct to explain to them. Nobody was there for me. They don’t give a [expletive]. They look at her like she’s less than a dog.”

Incredulously, Lola said she only learned her daughter had died when the morgue sent her a bill.

“What am I going to say about her now that she’s dead?” she asked. “Only someone who has the same problem can understand what I’m going through. Nobody else.”

So called black-market injections by individuals with absolutely no medical background are on the rise, with silicone or other industrial-type fillers being injected into various body parts. Most notably, the 2012 case where a woman’s butt was injected with toxic substances such as flat-tire sealant and glue captured headlines with photos of the shocking end result.

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