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BOSU ball and weight loss

The BOSU ball is an affordable,compact exercise equipment. Out of all of the exercise balls, the BOSU ball is the most versatile. It promotes balance, strength and power. This balance trainer is good to use for balance and core, but also tones the full body.

BOSU ball Fitness

BOSU, pronounced Bo-Sue, is an acronym for "both sides up." The object of the BOSU ball exercises is to remain steady on the ball while working different muscles. This helps to develop a stable body frame. Also, the vigorous exercises increase weight loss and build strong muscles. Doing sets of push-ups, lunges or squats using the ball work the muscles harder.

The BOSU ball resembles a stability ball that was cut in half and has a plastic base on it. The ball can be used on both sides for exercise benefits. Fitness enthusiasts of all fitness levels can learn the moves.The difficulty of the BOSU ball exercises can be increased when you combine it with other exercise equipment like the stability ball or resistance bands. For a more interesting workout, combine equipment Be prepared to be challenged while having fun.

Some of the exercise moves are below:

1. Bridge- glutes
2. Side crunch- obliques
3.Push-up/walk over- full body
4. Single-leg-bridge- lower body

Stay fit & fabulous!

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