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Boston weather: Sunny and cold for Sunday

The weather map for Southern New England at 2 p.m. EDT on March 16, 2014. Mostly sunny skies are expected.
The weather map for Southern New England at 2 p.m. EDT on March 16, 2014. Mostly sunny skies are expected.

Forecast discussion: Boston, along with eastern Massachusetts, received some scattered showers during the early morning on Saturday. As a cold front passed through the region later in the afternoon, some parts received another round of showers. This might have come as a surprise, as skies cleared by mid-morning, with some sunshine during the early afternoon. However, once the showers moved offshore, we returned to sunshine until sunset.

High temperature forecast for March 16, 2014

We may feel some occasional wind gusts this evening and through most of Sunday. A high pressure system coming down from Canada is trying to build a ridge over us. Along with colder air sweeping down from the upper levels of the atmosphere, this will create windy conditions. As we move into Sunday night, the high’s center will move closer to New England, and winds will begin to diminish.

As we move into Monday, the computer models have been playing with the scenario for light snow for eastern Massachusetts. A second low pressure system forms along the warm front to our south, and this low brings moisture up into the state. However, over the last 48 hours, it appears the models are changing their tune. The high will actually be far enough south to keep the low from moving any further northward. In this case, some light snow is possible for the south Cape and Islands by late Monday morning. The high would then move southward, and the low would then move out to sea. All light snow showers will end by the early evening. I am not expecting any heavy snowfall, but less than an inch is still possible at this time.

The high will continue to give us dry weather for Tuesday, with some increasing clouds during Tuesday night. A low pressure system coming from the Great Lakes will bring some rain showers Wednesday night, but end by early Thursday morning. High pressure will give us mostly sunny skies for Friday, with a quick moving low bringing a cold front through the region early Saturday morning. We will see showers early Saturday morning, but ending by the late afternoon. You will notice temperatures will increase dramatically during the daytime after Tuesday. Some warmer air from the south will give us slightly above average temperatures for the rest of the week.

72 hour forecast:

Tonight: Partly cloudy and breezy with a low of 28. Winds could gust up to 25 mph at times.
Sunday: Mostly sunny skies, cooler, and windy with a high of 34. Winds will come from the northwest at 15-18 mph.
Sunday night: Partly cloudy with a low of 19. Winds will come from the north-northwest at 8-11 mph.
Monday: Mostly cloudy with the chance for light snow for the lower Cape and Islands by late morning. We will have a high of 27.
Monday night: Partly cloudy skies expected with a low of 19. Any light snow for the south Cape and Islands ends by 7 p.m.
Tuesday: Mostly sunny with a high of 36.
Tuesday night: Increasing clouds towards dawn with a low of 25.

Extended Forecast:
Wednesday: Mostly cloudy with rain showers by 8 p.m. Highs 44-47, lows 35-38.
Thursday: Showers end by 4 a.m. with partly sunny skies. Highs 49-52, lows 29-32.
Friday: Mostly sunny, with increasing clouds after sunset. Highs 44-47, lows 31-34.
Saturday: Rain showers by 2 a.m., ending by 4 p.m. Highs 46-49, lows 33-36.

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