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Boston weather, metro north and west: Cold marches on

Frigid air is with us through Wednesday as temperatures run 15 to near 20 degrees below normal.
Frigid air is with us through Wednesday as temperatures run 15 to near 20 degrees below normal.

Meteorological winter is the three month period from December 1st through February 28th. These are the three coldest months of the year as agreed upon by weather experts. Here in Boston temperatures through this period were the coldest since 2002-2003, averaging 29.9 degrees. It was the 9th snowiest with 56.4 inches of snow at Logan Airport in east Boston. Temperatures averaged below normal each of the three months with the coldest month being February which was -2.7 degrees below normal. Snowfall was 23.6 inches above average for this period. So, to say it was a cold and snowy winter period is an understatement and one we knew anyway. With the outlook through mid March it seems that Old Man Winter is not done with us just yet.

These cold numbers just keep piling on the first few days in March and will continue to do so the remainder of this week. The core of the arctic air retreats by Thursday and temperatures recover later in the week. But, they will remain below seasonal average through the weekend and probably into early next week.

There is some chatter about a potential storm later this week. As of now the thinking here is this storm misses to our south but we will stay on top of it through the week to monitor changes in the computer models.

Here is the day to day review. Tuesday starts off bitterly cold with temperatures in the single digits. No record lows are expected to be set locally but it remains very cold for this time of year. The mercury recovers into the low and mid 20s in the afternoon. A mix of clouds and sun will give way to clouds overnight. Although readings fall into the teens to low 20s overnight that is an improvement from Monday nights/Tuesday mornings lows.

Wednesday presents an interesting scenario, especially for the coastal plain. High pressure to our north will turn winds northeast. We could see some ocean effect snow off the ocean during the day and into the evening. This will be a localized event for mostly the coastal areas and could yield a coating to an inch of snow for some of us.

The good news is by Thursday temperatures begin to moderate somewhat as we get out of the deep freeze. Strong high pressure to our north may suppress an ocean storm to our south. We either get brushed by this or it is a miss for Thursday and Friday.

72 Hour Outlook:

Tuesday: Bitter cold start with morning temperatures climbing out of the single digits and through the teens. Afternoon highs near 25 degrees. Skies average out partly cloudy with clouds increasing through the afternoon. Light winds.

Tuesday night: Considerable cloudiness and not so cold. Lows in the mid teens inland to low 20s along the shore. Light winds.

Wednesday and Wednesday night: Cloudy and raw. Chance of snow showers in the afternoon and evening, especially across the coastal plain. Continued cold. Highs in the mid to upper 20s. Lows in the upper teens inland, low 20s coast. Northeast winds 5 to 15 mph, possibly gusting to 25 mph along the coast overnight.

Thursday: Mostly cloudy. Not as cold. Highs in the low to mid 30s.

Thursday night: Mostly cloudy. Lows in the 20s.

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