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Boston weather: Heavy rain on Sunday

The weather map for Southern New England at 2 p.m. EDT on March 30, 2014. Heavy rain and patchy fog are expected during this time.
The weather map for Southern New England at 2 p.m. EDT on March 30, 2014. Heavy rain and patchy fog are expected during this time.

Forecast discussion: Despite seeing a little sunshine Saturday morning, skies have been mostly gray. Also, we have already received a quarter inch of rainfall, and there will be more to come over the next 48 hours over Boston.

Sunday's predicted rainfall amounts for Southern New England between 2-8 a.m. EDT on March 30, 2014 in inches

A low pressure system over central North Carolina will bring some heavy rainfall over eastern Massachusetts over the next few days. The heaviest rainfall will be received later this evening, and all day on Sunday. There is a good chance that we could see up to an inch of rain before sunset. This may cause some street flooding as well as some flooding in small streams and rivers. At this time, the National Weather Service has no Flood watches or warnings in effect for Boston.

However, a Coastal Flood Advisory is in effect for parts of eastern Massachusetts from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Sunday. This includes eastern Essex County, Suffolk County, eastern Norfolk County, and eastern Plymouth County. The advisory is in effect for the purpose of high tide expected around 9 a.m. There is a chance of seeing 1 to 2 feet of storm surge during high tide. This would cause some minor splash over or coastal flooding from Scituate, RI to Cape Ann, MA. Some roads may get flooded, along with some basements with homes along the immediate coastline.

A warm front moving up into Southern New England on Thursday will bring more showers by Thursday afternoon. The frontal boundary will pass to our south by early Friday morning. This will allow for some partial sunshine during the afternoon. However, a new low pressure system will move into the Mid-Atlantic by late Friday afternoon. This low is forecast to bring us more showers and light rain next Saturday. Temperatures for the extended period will be seasonable.

72 hour forecast:

Tonight: Heavy rain with possible street flooding at times. We will see a low of 39. Patchy fog is expected through the overnight.
Sunday: Moderate to heavy rain tapering to showers by the mid-afternoon. We will see a high of 47 with north-northeast winds of 10-13 mph. Patchy fog is expected through the day.
Sunday night: Showers/light rain continues with a low of 34. Winds will be increasing from the north at 14-17 mph. Patchy fog is expected, but will burn off by 3 a.m.
Monday: Showers/light rain and breezy with a high of 41.
Monday night: Showers ending around 2 a.m. with a low of 35. Some precipitation may mix with snow showers in higher elevations.
Tuesday: Mostly sunny with a high of 47.
Tuesday night: Mostly cloudy with a low of 35.

Extended Forecast:
Wednesday: Partly sunny with a possible late morning shower. Highs 52-55, lows 34-37.
Thursday: Cloudy with showers arriving by noon. Highs 52-55, lows 36-39.
Friday: Scattered showers ending by the early morning, with partly sunny skies. Showers return by the evening. Highs 50-53, lows 37-40.
Saturday: Showers/rain. Highs 49-52, lows 37-40.

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