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Boston Typewriter Orchestra at Charlestown Library December 6

Boston Typewriter Orchestra
Boston Typewriter Orchestra
Boston Typewriter Orchestra

Monday, December 6 the Boston Typewriter Orchestra will be in concert at the library on Main Street.

The Friends of the Charlestown Branch Library are sponsoring this event and it promises to be quite entertaining.

According to their web-site Boston Typewriter Orchestra is a collective endeavor which engages in rhythmic typewriter manipulation combined with elements of performance, comedy and satire. Apparently BTO members bring typewriters to ‘play on’ as they entertain the masses while providing an outlet for the creative urges of its members.

For a preview of their ‘sound’ go to their web-site and listen in on their concerts. Typewriters may never look, or sound, the same.

The BTO concert is one of the six evening programs presented each year by the Friends of Charlestown Library. To learn more about the Friends go to

The concert begins at 6:30.

Thank you to the Patriot-Bridge for the heads up