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Boston Tickler: Boston foot tickler, breaks in, steals nothing and tickles feet

Ooh how tempting...
Ooh how tempting...
Wikimedia Commons

Tickle me silly over this bit of breaking bizarre news. Police in Boston are urging residents to guard against the so-called “Boston Tickler” bandit, whose fetish with feet makes this quacked-out dude duty bound to break into your home, observe you sleeping, and then go in for the foot tickle.

Reports Massachusetts Live today: “Victims of three Tuesday break-ins in a section of Brighton that's popular with Boston College students told Boston police that nothing was taken during the incidents, which reportedly involved a man who seems to like to watch people while they're sleeping and sometimes tickles their feet.”

One of the “victims” of the tickler, Davis Master, said: “My roommate was asleep and he felt something tickling his foot. He thought it was the cat, and then he woke up and there was a man crouching by his bed.”

The Tickler has been terrorizing the Boston area for a few years now, says police Sgt. Michael O'Hara, who reported that authorities have at least ten complaints of a person matching the Tickler’s actions. “This is no myth,” O’Hara said. “It's happening.”

In fact, it could very well be that as you are reading this, somewhere in Boston, a sleeping person is having their little pinky toe ever so lightly prickled. All kidding aside...

Reports “Victims have described him as a 5-foot-8-inch black male of unknown age in dark clothing and a hoodie, he said. Some reported that the man watched them through their windows as he committed a sex act.”

BC junior Teddy Raddell said his roommate’s feet were “assaulted” by the Tickler last October. “I thought my roommate had fallen down the steps,” Raddell said after he was jolted from sleep. “But then he started yelling. I got up and he said that he had woken up to someone touching his feet.”

O’Hara said as silly at it all may be, the Tickler poses a real danger. Although the man has yet to steal anything or physically harm his sleeping prey, that may change.

“Absolutely students should be concerned,” he said. “You don’t know what this guy is going to do or if he has a weapon. You need to lock your doors. It’s not as safe as you think.”

Boston police are asking anyone with information about the crimes to call them at 1-(800)-494-TIPS. Or at least wear a pair of socks at night.

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