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Boston Terrier missing in TN, Suspected stolen

The rising rate in the thefts of dogs has pet owners very concerned. Dogs are being stolen right out of people's yards, sometimes later found on sites like Craigslist, sometimes never found.

Lola, a missing Boston Terrier in Decatur, TN
Dana Grissom
Lola, a missing Boston Terrier in Decatur, TN
Dana Grissom

Lola, a 10 year old, spayed Boston Terrier of TN, is missing and it is suspected that she has been stolen. Her family lives on Highway 58 in Decatur, TN, but there is a road that goes right down by her house too. She was let out to do her business, like usual, as she will run out, do the deed, and come right back up to sit on the porch. When Dana went to let Lola back in, she yelled for her and Lola didn't answer. She knew then that something was wrong.

"She was out no more than four minutes", her owner, Dana Grissom says. "She would never leave the yard by herself".

This family is heartbroken and just wants Lola back, no questions asked. Lola also belongs to a precious little girl who misses her best friend. If you have any information on Lola, please contact 423-506-8506 or 423-334-3559.

Let's get this beautiful Boston Terrier back where she belongs !!

Please view the slide show to see more photos of Lola.

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