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Boston Strong

Boston Strong
Boston Strong
Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

It has been a year since that tragic day in old Boston Town. The runners were on the last leg to the finish line. Spectators were cheering. I was watching the race on the TV and what's funny is I don't usually do that. Life can be so very strange.

Two brothers were casually walking through the crowds toward the finish line. In their backpacks were two pressure cooker bombs they had made. Their names were Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev. They were young and could look as innocent as they wanted to be. They would look like any other person with their backpacks. They were there for the Boston Marathon.

Unfortunately, they were there to harm the race and everyone connected with it. You see they wanted collateral damage for what they felt were atrocities being carried out by U.S. Military in Iraq and Afghanistan. They were there to defend Islam.

Russia had warned us of the family their mother Zubeidat Tsarnaev included. The mother it seems is a supporter of Jihad. The Russians didn't let us know anything after the initial warning. Now whether they intentionally held back the information or not is purely questionable.

The runners were finishing one of the most legendary races in the United States. The bombs went off at 2:49p.m. killing three. In the pursuance of the two brothers a police officer was killed and Tamerlan was shot and killed and run over by his brother as he tried to escape a fire fight they had stumbled into. All total five people would die including a suspect. Some estimated 264 people would be wounded. Some would lose their legs and limbs.

Now a year later, Dzhokhar is facing 30 charges. The survivors will be gathering for a memorial today and next week the race will continue. The runners will be there to run. The spectators will be there to cheer them on. I will now watch every race until the day I die in remembrance. You see we do fight back. We don't let tragedy control us. We do live for another day. We will never forget that awful day a year ago.