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Boston startup fuels endurance sports nationwide one bit at a time

Five years ago, with nothing but drive and passion to fuel her dream, Catharine Arnston founded ENERGYbits®, a sports nutrition company that sells algae tabs to athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Algae, a nutritionally dense food has been practically unheard of outside of Asia. Now, thanks to Boston-based ENERGYbits®, knowledge about algae is finally growing and so is the buzz about ENERGYbits®.

Fuel your body with bits.

ENERGYbits® is no "overnight success story." As every entrepreneur knows, it takes hard work, passion and commitment to turn their vision into a bonafide success. ENERGYbits® has spent years educating athletes, runners and consumers about the benefits of algae. Their efforts are finally paying off as athletes coast to coast are increasingly selecting ENERGYbits® to fuel their race, improve their game, or take their performance to the next level, all without caffeine, chemicals, sugar or gluten. Endorsements from high-profile athletes like NHL's Andrew Ference and three-time USA Olympian David Oliver further confirm that the buzz about ENERGYbits® algae is real and now it's only a matter of time before the rest of the world discovers what these pros already know. That it works.

Perfect timing
The timing for ENERGYbits® seems perfect. Athletes and consumers are finally aware that good nutrition drives health and performance and are eager to find healthier, plant-based alternatives to gels, energy drinks or sugary snacks. Nutritionally empty processed foods can have as many as ninety ingredients and are usually full of dangerous preservatives. In contrast, ENERGYbits® have just one ingredient –organically grown spirulina algae, a "type" of plant grown in water and pressed into tiny tablets that are easy to swallow and easy to carry. There is nothing else in ENERGYbits® except 100% plant-based green nutrition that includes the highest concentration of chlorophyll and protein in the world. This helps explain why The United Nations, Carnegie Institute, and NASA endorse algae as the most nutrient dense food in the world. It's hard to argue with the experts.

Ready for takeoff
With word spreading about ENERGYbits®, they are busier than ever. The company participated in the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, launched a new website, exhibited at the Boston Marathon, and just had FedEx release a video about them The future looks even more promising as the rest of the world slowly learns that ENERGYbits® are one of the easiest and most natural ways to improve one's health, energy and performance**. Who knew that swallowing something as tiny as ENERGYbits® could have such a big impact. Give these '"bits of food" a try to find out why. For more information about ENERGYbits® or to purchase yours, visit

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