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Boston Ski Advisor: Summer-time in the mountains

So summer is finally looking like it is here to stay and the furthest thing from anyone’s mind is skiing. That does not mean you have to forsake your favorite mountain for the beach. The ski industry has become a year round business, offering options for the skier during the summer to stay on the mountain.

One of the biggest changes has been happening quietly at the mountains is the summer switch to downhill mountain biking. This is the closet you can get to the rush of downhill skiing/boarding in the summer months. The resorts sell lift tickets (anywhere from $10-$40/day) and ferry you and your friends from the base to the peak, providing access to all the cat trails and traversing runs. Mountain biking your favorite mountain has a hidden bonus, you get to check out trails from a new perspective possibly opening your eyes to new lines in the trees for the winter. 

Another option is hiking your favorite mountain in the summer months. This activity isn’t for the faint of heart, be prepared to do a lot of walking! Reaching the summit after a hard days climb and taking in the view while having a couple of cold ones on a hot summers day is one of the most rewarding things you can do. Hiking a mountain also gives you the ability to explore areas you may have been hesitant to take the skis into, opening up new run possibilities as well as cool clearings in the woods that can provide a mid-run beer break on your next ski trip.

Finally for the golf enthusiast many ski resorts offer world class golf courses during the spring, summer, and fall months. Many of the mountains actually have multiple courses (Bretton Woods and Killington for example) which provide new challenges for each day out on the course. Prices for golfing at many of the resorts are slightly lower than golf courses in and around the Boston area.

All of these activities are a great way to begin to get ready for the next ski season. They both give a great work out to the legs, increase stamina, and provide a continuous mental image of the slopes. So do not forget about the mountains this summer in your pursuit of sand and water.