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Boston ski advisor: 3 things that grind my gears

Get off your butts and ride!


So not everything about skiing is sunshine and roses for me there are a few aspects of skiing that really get under my skin. I figure this will be a good time to tick some people off since they won’t see me on the slopes for six months and hopefully they will forget about my commentary by then.


The first thing is snowboarders. No not all of you, I have a lot of respect for a boarder who can keep up on the slopes or throw down in the terrain park, but for the rest of you boarders out there who think the mountain is your personal lounge I suggest you get off your butts and learn not to sit in the middle of trails or underneath jumps or lips on the trail. I know it must be depressing being a boarder but please don’t try to end your life by sitting/laying down all over the mountain. Also to all those snowboarders who try to go through mogul fields or down trails sideways on your board: What are you doing? That cannot be fun and you’ve clearly gotten in over your head. Not only are you endangering those of us who can ski/ride those trails but you scrape all the snow off the trail leaving nothing but ice for the rest of us, way to work it out.


The second thing that grinds my gears are the parents who think it is somehow okay to tether their children up like they are about to hit the Iditarod dog sled race. Your child is not a dog and I understand your concern for their safety but no one can learn to ski well when mom and dad are pulling the strings, literally. Let your kid get out there and be a kid, tuck down the diamonds and fall on numerous occasions. They are short so the fall isn’t that bad and it only helps to improve their skiing. Please do not be a helicopter parent, your only hurting your kids chances at being a good skier and you will save some money on the psychiatrist visit that will inevitably be needed for strapping your kid into a harness and throwing them on the slopes.


Third are those skiers who insist upon hitting up a double black diamond or take a run in the glades when they clearly couldn’t get onto a gondola without it being slowed down for them. I am all for improving your ability as skier and encourage everyone to constantly challenge themselves on the slopes, but this doesn’t mean you need to try all the most difficult trails on your third time out. Work your way up to the more challenging trails and you will enjoy them more and not worry about getting in the way of the more experienced skier.


I’m sure there are a couple of other things I can come up with that get me going about skiing, but I’ll save those for another column, it’s gonna be a long summer. These three are the ones that get the most attention in my mind as well as those who I ski/ride with. So if you see anyone pulling any of these shenanigans on the slopes don’t be afraid to point out there mistakes, you’ll be helping to make the mountain a better and safer place for us all.



  • Mike 5 years ago

    Skiing on trails way out of my league is how i learned to ski.