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Boston serial feet tickler 'not a myth'

Boston has a serial feet tickler on the loose terrorizing residents for years.
Boston has a serial feet tickler on the loose terrorizing residents for years.

Not so sure Boston is tickled pink about a serial feet tickler breaking into homes at night. Today, May 28 it was reported a perpetrator has been targeting college dorm rooms for the last two years, but now police reports indicate the person has been venturing into neighborhoods.

Police reports state that victims have said they have been startled awake in the middle of the night to find a stranger described as a male, about 5-foot-8, wearing a hoodie, to be tickling their feet. As soon as they wake up the male would flee the scene. Some have reported seeing him peer through their windows committing lewd acts, according to Buzzfeed.

At first the story of the Boston serial feet tickler was thought to be a myth, but on April 27, three different students reported him breaking into their place, all on the same night, as reported on However, Sergeant Michael O’Hara told reporters, this is not just a folk tale started by college students, this is “happening.” The serial feet tickler hasn’t stolen items from the victims, nonetheless, police are telling students this is something to be concerned about, because having a total stranger trespassing in the night without a clue if this person is carrying a weapon is dangerous; police have instructed residents to keep their doors locked.

This isn’t the first of its type of crime. In 2006 it was reported that a “naked toe-tickler” had been terrorizing Florida women as they slept, for numerous years, reported today by the Huffington Post. But what in the world is a serial foot tickler? Apparently it’s defined by psychology as fetishism; a compulsive disorder mostly seeking to fill a sexual void. Psychologist, Doctor Peter Buehler states on his website, “a typical person with a true fetish is not obsessed with sex, but in reality obsessed with dysfunctional sex … for them it becomes a compulsion that interferes in their lives” Perhaps that’s why allegations of lewd peeping tom acts have also been associated with the Boston serial foot tickler?

But not all of the tickled victims are only women. spoke with a few of the tickled victims. College student Daniel Marenzi said his encounter took place back in October. He said he thought his buddies were messing around, “trying to annoy” him, but once he realized “it wasn’t anyone he knew,” he flipped out but the perpetrator was already gone.

If the Boston serial tickler has moved his foot fetishism off the college campus, and has been associated with committing lewd peeping tom acts; the question police are pondering is what level is next? “You don’t know what this guy is going to do.” While some online wonder why the feet, apparently Dr. Buehler said, “ a foot fetish is one of the most popular, or most documented fetish worldwide.”

Maybe Bostonians might want to consider taking extra precautions, consider wearing their dirtiest, smelliest socks to bed? Or better yet take the police advice and keep their doors and windows locked.

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