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Boston school bus drivers’ union to kids – screw your safety

Boston Unions to kids - screw your safety
Boston Unions to kids - screw your safety
Kevin Imm

The Boston school bus drivers’ union (United Steel Workers of America Local 8571) decided to stage an illegal strike today leaving thousands of kids and parents across the city stranded. The strike isn’t over grueling hours or to increase their already cushy pay and benefits. The Boston school bus drivers are striking because they don’t want to be subject to higher safety standards for kids. You read that correctly, the men and women who you hand over your children to every morning, don’t want to have higher safety standards so that your kids get to school safer.

Some of the issues for the illegal strike from the Boston Public Schools website:

  • Additional driver certifications that match federal transportation standards
  • Requirements that each driver must physically check in with a supervisor to ensure they are ready to operate a bus, rather than take the keys home every night
  • Making existing GPS location data available to parents through the ‘Where’s my School Bus’ app
  • Launching a ‘safety desk’ to improve immediate communication between drivers, dispatchers and BPS staff in an emergency

Not only is the illegal strike leaving kids and parents stranded, it show the true colors of the union. Why would any school bus driver be against having higher safety standards for kids? It’s not like they are being asked to work more hours or work for less pay. They are literally being asked to make the school bus experience safer for children and more accountable to parents. God forbid any union seek accountability. The illegal strike is practically admitting that the union school bus drivers are hacks who shouldn’t have the jobs in the first place (this wouldn’t be a stretch given the hackery history of unions in Massachusetts).

There should be zero negotiations when it comes to children’s safety. The union’s actions are screaming that they don’t care about children’s safety at all. Rather than work on improving safety for children across Boston, the school bus drivers’ union is telling kids – screw your safety. Rather than proudly showing parents what a great job they are doing, the school bus drivers are telling parents – screw accountability. Its high time parents joined together in solidarity against this union and made every effort to get rid of all bus drivers involved in the strike. Taxpayers pay a lot of money for these school bus drivers, they have the right to demand higher safety standards and accountability.

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