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Boston's only Izakaya restaurant offers a bit of Japanese culture

The renovated Itadaki brings style, sophistication and Japanese treats
The renovated Itadaki brings style, sophistication and Japanese treats
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Itadaki, Boston's only Izakaya restaurant , introduces new menus from Chef Kaoru "Fuji" Fujishiro as it reopens after a major floor to ceiling renovation. Owners Lena Kikuchi and Yujin Kawakami-Hess present an upscale Japanese gastro pub feel with a large selection of Shochu and Sake in the updated restaurant with an outdoor patio on Newbury St. and sophisticated upstairs dining room.

Kikuchi describes it as "a sake place where you can sit and hang out and also enjoy great sharing plates with family and friends. We wanted to create the best Izakaya restaurant in Boston with a very 'cool' vibe." Guests are invited to take part in an adventure, exploring another culture, in addition to an exciting food and drink experience.

Chef Fujishiro creates small plates and also more traditional Japanese cuisine, emphasizing seasonal foods, freshness and high quality ingredients, along with presentation.

Choose from sushi (Nigri, Sashimi, Sushi Rolls and Hand Rolls, salads, soups (from Miso to Itadaki clam chowder), small plates, sushi pizza (an Itadaki invention consisting of fried rice cake topped with sashimi fish and other toppings), and four choices of ramen with various toppings. Prices range from $6 to $15, with some sushi entrees in the $30s to $40s.

Lunch options range from Bento sushi boxes ($16.75), to regular Bento boxes $14.25, Donburi rice bowls ($16.25) and Japanese sandwiches ($12.75).

Brunch offerings include American items with a Japanese twist - think Fuji's Old Fashioned French Toast and Chef's Sweet Crepes of the Day with fresh fruit and choice of Nutella or Japanese Sweet Red Bean (both $11.50). You can also have make your own omelets, two eggs with sausage or bacon and home fries, fresh fruit and toast for $10 and $13 respectively. There's plenty more to choose from - sushi and hand rolls, sandwiches and more, so come and explore!

Guests will not go thirsty - a large selection of Japanese beers, whiskeys, Sake (30 choices) and Shochu (15 options) plus Japanese-inspired cocktails and giant scorpion bowls are available for sharing.

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