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‘Boston's Finest' sees ‘An Officer’s Commitment to the End’ on TNT

On last night's season finale episode of "Boston's Finest," Officer Greg Dankers of the Fugitive Unit is getting his kids ready for school. At the precinct, he is given the name and photo of Alexander Perez, who is wanted for mayhem; he walked into a bar and stabbed a person in the face with a bottle then escaped.

Boston's Finest outside of Fenway Park during World Series
Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

As Dankers is on patrol with Winston DeLeon searching for Perez, they view the pictures of the victim who had to have several stitches in his face and will require plastic surgery. Greg Dankers feels a bond with this guy, because he was tending bar and was coming to the aid of a friend when he was attacked.

As officer Myles Lawton is getting ready to go report for night duty, he and his girl Kendra, round up their kids. She has three from a previous relationship; he has two from his previous relationship, and together they have one. Now he wants to solidify his commitment to her and the kids because of the nature of his job. After the Boston Marathon, nothing is to be taken for granted.

On patrol with fellow officers on the Night Gang Unit, Myles discusses marriage. Terrique Chambers has been married ten years, and Greg Eunis tells them he has been married since he was fourteen. He admits that he has been looking at rings, and as guys will do, they tease him. As they make conversation with the people in the neighborhood, they patrol, they learn that a new gang is looking forward to make a name for itself. They know it will not be long before a call comes in. They were told the gang is called Rockside, and they are planning to take over Ripley Park. Before the night is over, a call comes in of shots fired near Ripley Park.

Officers Skye Robinson and Ellys Lee of the Day Gang Unit are picking up where the Night Unit left off. The streets they patrol are the ones they grew up on. When they spot kids smoking weed, they know they are not from the neighborhood and chase them away with a warning that they will return.

As Greg Dankers and his fellow officers are continuing their hunt for Perez, they spot someone he may know. As they track down as many people as they can, nothing seems to pan out; however, they are relentless.

The Night Gang Unit is back the next night with a call of shots fired again by the Rockside gang. As they talk to people from the neighborhood, they seem to know what is going on with the new gang.

Greg and his wife Nancy, also a police officer are going to donate blood and have the boys with them. Later that night, Greg is back on the hunt for Perez with Sean Joyce. When they check out the surveillance film from a supermarket, they spot him with a woman.

As Skye and Ellys get a call of a woman with a knife, they are close to the scene of the crime. As they go through a house, three women are in the basement. They are rounded up and taken away.

After the shift, Skye takes her nieces roller skating. They live in her old neighborhood and tell her things they see and hear. She loves them very much and wants to keep them safe.

As Dankers and Joyce are tracking down Perez and the woman he was with, they search through files and find the woman in the video.

The Night Gang Unit is called again for shots fired. They did not recover a weapon and resort to a street lineup. When the victim identifies the guy, he is arrested. Myles wants to ensure that their kids have a father figure to identify with. Most of the kids in the hood do not have a man to relate to.

As Myles and Kendra take a walk on the Prudential Skywalk Observatory, he gets down on one knee and proposes to her.

The next day, Dankers and his unit are looking for Perez and the woman he was spotted with. They found out that he was in her apartment sleeping. They apprehend him without incident.

As a special tribute to the men and women of the Boston Police Department, Greg and Nancy Dankers get to throw out the first pitch at a Red Sox game at Fenway Park.

As this season finale commences, the officers of the Boston Police who were featured on the show are commended for their dedication to protecting the streets they grew up on, the streets they adopted and dedicate their lives to protecting the people of Boston, their friends, colleagues and families every single day.

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