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Boston's best personal trainer named by Improper Bostonian

The most anticipated issue of the Improper Bostonian is it's "Best Of" edition.  Not only does it serve as a bible for new and even veteran city dwellers but it also recognizes the cities hardest workers and top talents.  The amazing Mike D'Angelo of Revolution Fitness was named Boston's best trainer and you can experience what it's like to have him as your trainer online!

Although the description in the magazine is short, the real reason Mike is the winner is because he gets results for his clients and why else would you hire a personal trainer in the first place?  

A session with Boston's best will give you the total number of calories your body can consume given a certain level of fitness participation, to achieve your goal weight by a specific date.  Your session will also educate you on your personal body composition and not just the boring BMI.  You body composition is important because it differentiates the fat mass from the lean body mass.  This number is critical to determine your at risk factors for things like heart disease and diabetes.  Even people who look skinny might be "skinny fat" and severely at risk unknowingly.  This is all possible with the software Mike uses called, Body Evolver and it's actually available to trainers nationwide.  

After your initial consultation, you'll be brought through a series of exercises that will ramp up your heart rate and test your muscle strength and endurance depending on your personal goals.   So how do you get to experience a session with Mike?  Check out his website and these fitness videos that demonstrate his high tech software, Body Evolver, and a few workouts he designed for Boston's very own YouTube Fitness Guru, Sarah Dussault:

Ab WorkoutStrength Training Workout 1 and Strength Training Workout 2.

If you are a trainer and want to take your business to the next level like Mike, visit 

Revolution Fitness is located on the South End/Back Bay line on Columbus Avenue.  

Note to author's loyal readers: Examiner article must be written in third person.


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