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Boston nightlife, revitalized


  DJ Eggenick

It's only been a short time since the divisions of music industry made their harmonic epicenters in New York and LA .

Time seems to change all things.

Enter Boston, Massachusetts, a city teeming with attentive minds as well as ears. For years this city has been home to aspiring musicians and dreamers yearning for new experiences.

And yet, there still seemed to be something missing; as the city's radio market continued to thrive and grow, fewer and fewer of Boston's musical lights shined as bright as they had in years past. 

There seems to now be a revolution occuring, one happening as Boston becomes the 11th largest radio market in the country. Storming onto the musical stage are some of the most inspired and influentially driven musical minds of the new millenium. Seeded in the cultural rhythms of this historic city, we have come upon a generation of young adults devoted to musical ingenuity and advancement. Whether on the radio waves, websites such as, or even simple blogging, these fresh minds have reinvented the musical industry by first finding an audience and from there seeking lucrative record deals.

Over the coming weeks, I will be interviewing some of Boston's most promising and intriguing artists, including Duncan Morley of Izzy Gold Records and club spinster extrodinaire, DJ Eggenick, both of whom are Beverly, Massachusetts natives.

For a more exclusive look into the sound of Duncan Morley, be sure to check out his website at