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Boston Mayor Menino still blaming guns as homicides in Boston rise

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino at the 2008 Boston Pride Parade
Boston Mayor Thomas Menino at the 2008 Boston Pride Parade

NECN recently interviewed Boston Mayor Menino concerning the recent rise in homicide this year.

The implied angle of these stories is always the Mayor cast as somehow being responsible for these numbers. Nothing could be further from the truth and as such constantly allows the media to put him (by design) on the defense. Is he somehow responsible for the behavior and actions – good or ill - of the public? Are you responsible for your neighbors? Truly an absurd notion isn’t’ it?

Once he’s put on defense he has to have a rebuttal to defend his honor, so-called efforts, enlighten the public about his overwhelming concern, while admonishing the Boston Police. The best part for the media and himself is then naming any number of demons as the root cause(s) and of course out of his control. Psychology 101.

As if basing these stories on these false premises wasn’t enough, the media and the Mayor have to perpetuate yet another. It is simply ridiculous to surmise that preventing crime is the job of the Boston Police, let alone the Mayor. The Police are there to enforce the laws and investigate a crime after it has already been committed. They are there to clean up the mess, sort out the facts, and press charges where needed.

Instead our esteemed Boston Mayor is quick to cite his favorite demon in a well-rehearsed sound bite:

…the availability of guns…”

However, there may appear to be some light at the end of his gun blaming tunnel vision when he cites the first cause might just be:

“…people have no respect for each other…and frustration that might be out there.”

Shocking, I know, but honest. It’s a start.

Mayor Menino needs to take the next step toward recovery and admit to the two points of logic and truth I’ve written above. Second, he needs to stop blaming inanimate objects for the actions of the public for which he bears no responsibility.

The real question is when will Mayor Menino come clean with more honesty like this on this topic and put an end to this media charade and public safety fiasco?

We as citizens need to encourage him to do this and need to stop looking to government for solutions by taking responsibility for our actions and ourselves.

Sadly, there’s little hope of this. Why? The media and Mayor love the attention, the illusion of power and a minority of residents of Boston continue to refuse to act like mature citizens.

“Unfortunately, guns alone are not the sole factor in our homicide rate - or any other city's, for that matter.” Suffolk County District Attorney Dan Conley


Crime Stats : Boston PD News


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