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Boston Marathon: Tips for Spectators

For those that have chosen to hang on the sidelines at the 2010 Boston Marathon here are a few items to keep in mind to help you through what is also set to be a long day.

In a similar fashion to the runners, it is a good idea to keep hydrated. A full day of standing and walking around in the sun will strip your body of the water it needs to properly function so drink some at least a couple times throughout the day.

If you plan on staying outside for a few hours, lather up with SPF before you head out to protect your skin from the sun. Wearing a hat isn’t a bad idea either, if not to protect your face and neck from the harmful UV rays, then do it based on the scientific fact that the Sox are in town.

The Boston Marathon is also said to be New England's most widely viewed sporting event so keep in mind, the city will be extremely crowded. Main streets will be blocked making it difficult to drive so be sure to use exercise as a means of transportation.

Running or not, hours of standing in the sun can do a number on your body - so stay hydrated, eat well and try to find a good balance between exercising and getting rest when possible.


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