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Boston Marathon bombing memorial mementos to be displayed

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According to an article published by NBC News on April 1, the items that were left at a makeshift memorial for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings will on display at the Boston Public Library beginning April 7.

In the days and weeks following the bombings that took place near the finish line of the 2013 Boston Marathon people gathered near the site to remember the three people who were killed as well as more than 250 others who were injured. People from all around the world brought mementos to leave at the makeshift shrine that began in the hours after the blast went off. Those items were on display until June 25 when they were taken down and cataloged by the city's archivists.

Now with the first anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings approaching, the city is preparing to display hundreds of those items. Reports indicate that the memorial items will be on display at the Boston Public Library from April 7 to April 11.

The 2014 Boston Marathon is scheduled for April 21, which is Patriots' Day in Massachusetts.

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