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Boston Marathon anniversary: Backpacks left at finish line are investigated

A year after two bombs in backpacks exploded at the Boston Marathon finish line and killed three people, Boston police say they have a man in custody in relation to having left two backpacks at the Boston Marathon finish line on Tuesday. The backpacks were discovered on Boylston Street on the evening of the first anniversary of the tragic, terrorist event, according to a Yahoo! News report on Tuesday.

Michael Burns waits to unveil a 'Boston Medical Center Strong' flag during a flag raising ceremony at Boston Medical Center to commemorate the one year anniversary of the Boston marathon bombings on April 14, 2014 in Boston, Massachusetts.
Andrew Burton/ Getty images

Update: Kevin "Kayvon" Epson, 25, has been charged with the hoax and is being given a judge-ordered psychiatric evaluation, according to an ABC report on Wednesday afternoon.

Following the discovery, a bomb squad began checking the backpacks that were discovered. Mechanical robots are involved with the investigation of the materials. Additionally, the entire area has been evacuated via authorities’ instructions. Social media website Twitter has been used by the Boston Police Department to inform persons that they need to avoid going to the area. Additionally, trains that ordinarily stop at Copley Square station – which is in the vicinity of the Boston Marathon finish line – is being bypassed during the investigation.

Many persons were in the area of the Boston Marathon’s finish line today to mark the first anniversary. Tributes were paid by first responders, survivors and relatives of those who were killed in the incident last year. Family members of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology policeman who was killed in the events following the explosions were also present. Hynes Convention Center, located nearby, was the location where former Mayor Thomas Menino spoke in tribute of those affected by the grisly event.

According to NBC News, the traditional Boston Marathon is being observed a week later than usual to give persons the opportunity to observe last year’s tragedy. It was exactly a year ago that two bombs detonated, causing the three deaths, massive injuries and damage to area buildings. Among those paying tribute were Vice President Joe Biden, Gov. Deval Patrick and Boston Mayor Martin Walsh. A moment of silence was observed by President Barack Obama at 2:49 p.m. at the White House. It is the same time that the two bombs exploded near the finish line on April 15, 2013.

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