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Boston Marathon 2014: List of items not to bring, strollers are allowed

Boston Marathon 2014: Baby strollers are allowed, but security strict this year.
Boston Marathon 2014: Baby strollers are allowed, but security strict this year.
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The Boston Marathon today is expected to bring one million spectators into the Bean Town area not only to watch the race, but also to show support for Boston after last year’s tragedy. Last year's tragic event has caused the authorities and organizers of the Boston Marathon to tighten the rules and procedures when it comes to attending one of the most famous marathons on the globe.

According to CBS Local News Boston on April 21, if you are heading to the Boston Marathon today, there are certain things you shouldn’t take into the area with you. The Boston Athletic Association (BAA) has partnered with law enforcement asking people to leave certain items behind. What the BAA is asking people to leave at home is not much different than what the airlines ask you not to bring with you on a flight.

The BAA and law enforcement have developed new guidelines for spectators who plan to watch along the 26.2- mile Boston Marathon route. The new security rules ask that you not bring:

"Weapons, backpacks, suitcases, rolling bags, coolers, glass containers, flammable liquids or explosives, containers capable of carrying more than 1 liter of liquid, large handbags, large blankets, costumes covering the face or any non-form fitting, bulky outfits or props."

Strollers are allowed, they are not on the list of things for spectators to leave at home. It is only the official runners who are banned from bringing strollers to the marathon, according to Many parents were concerned that they would have no way to bring their babies with them to the marathon, but strollers are fine.

The new security rules have also banned parking within 60-feet of the roads on the route of the marathon. This encompasses the 76 side streets in Newton that the runners will pass. For the exact locations of all road closures and parking restrictions click on

Law enforcement is stressing that this year they are counting on the spectators more than ever before to be their eyes and ears in the crowd. If you see something or hear something suspicious, they ask that you not text or turn to social media to tell the police. They ask that you please go and get a police officer there on the route. If an officer is not in view, call 911. Lt. Bruce Apotheker of the Newton Police Department asks:

"Never tweet or text us," said Apotheker. "If you see someone or something suspicious, go tell [a law enforcement official]. If you don’t see somebody, call 911."

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