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Boston Marathon 2010

Today is “Marathon Monday” and a big day in the city of Boston. It marks the 114th annual Boston Marathon which, according to the Boston Athletic Association, is said to be the second largest single-day sporting event in the world, ranked only behind the Super Bowl in terms of on-site media coverage.

This year over 25,000 participants will be running along the 26 mile course that winds its way from the town of Hopkinton all the way to the center of Boston.
The course itself will be flanked with over 500,000 spectators out to show their support by cheering on some of the world’s finest athletes.

The Boston Marathon is known to be New England's most widely viewed sporting event, according to estimates taken by police and safety officials in the eight cities and towns surrounding the route. It marks the culmination of a tremendous amount of training by individuals from all over the world and showcases a plethora of health and athleticism.

The race ranks as one of the most prestigious running events in the world.
It attained this position due to the long history of the race, the challenging (and seemingly brutal) course and the fact that you have to qualify to register as an official participant.

Best of luck to all runners out there and happy marathon Monday Boston!

Official start times:

9:00 a.m. Mobility Impaired Division
9:17 a.m. Push-Rim Wheelchair Division
9:22 a.m. Hand-cycles
9:32 a.m. Elite Women
10:00 a.m. Elite Men & Wave 1
10:30 a.m. Wave 2


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