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'Boston Grown-Ups Museum' night inclined to art and fun

We had the privilege to attend the annual Boston Grown-Ups Museum night on Wed., Apr. 9, 2014 at the Boston Children's Museum. If you missed out on that night, make sure you register early next time! It's truly an amazing night for you and your friends, significant other or even an outing for co-workers. One thousand adults enjoyed the night's festivities. The main highlights included a sculptural maze you can climb, creating giant bubbles, dancing, interacting with exhibits, and enjoying adult beverages. Those blood orange margaritas were downright yummy.

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©Pearlescence Photography

Sounds like a fun night, but what about the art? Art is all around us, all the time. Sometimes it's obvious, like if you encounter an art gallery. There was a gallery space at the “Japanese House” with objects under glass and framed pictures on the wall. That is a pretty good indication. Another example was the “Animal Motion Park” exhibit. It contained kinetic art that you are encouraged to touch and interact with, (in this case, button mash) a taboo with most objects de art. The “Art Studio” should also be an apparent option, lined with sculptures and crafts.

Recognizing art can sometimes be more subtle, like spotting a haiku near the “Japanese House.” There were other specimens in that same area, like the flower arrangement, rock garden, and kimono. Other examples located in the museum include: the curious window installment displays, the interactive music areas, the woodworking section, etc. We were able to both view art and create it ourselves, too.

The perfect way to end the night? The staff of the museum handed out Hoodsie Cups to departing guests. Participants enjoyed their icecream while surrounded by the lights of Boston, by the wharf.

Protip for next year: Expect back-ups on the “New Balance Climb”. Everyone was taking selfies with their camera phones. Be sure to “like” the museum's Facebook page to get the latest information about their events.

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