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Boston Green Fest a huge success!

Saturday at Government Center was a perfect day to enjoy music, sun and green with your family. From informative speakers to incredible music, the Boston GreeFfest can say they had the perfect event. You can check out some of the highs at our slideshow:

Government Center was filled with sun and fun at the Boston Greenfest. The singers and bands that  performed all were fabulous. And the plaza was filled with many informative vendors. One booth,  Bioneers by the Bay, was there promoting their conference called Connecting for Change.  This is a four day solution based gathering in October. To see more details about this event you can go to

Another very interesting new business is called Gazelle. They are all about re-use. They pay people for the gadgets they aren't using anymore and get them back into the marketplace to keep them out of landfills. You should check them out at

Boston GreenFest had many different performers and speakers who were all very informative  But if you just wanted to have some fun, you could just pick up a green hula hoop and enjoy being a kid again. It was the perfect family event.


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