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Boston Gets It's Own "Strong" Anthem From Amanda Carr

As April rapidly approaches it is a reminder that the Boston Marathon will be here before you know it! Not just any year, the 2014 Boston Marathon will be a symbol of overcoming tragedy and bravely soldiering on as we pay tribute to all those who were affected by last year’s bombing.

Strong - A Boston Anthem
Amanda Carr

After last year, jazz musician with ties to Massachusetts, Amanda Carr felt a calling to help her city recover in the only way she knows how – with a song! After months of work, she has created “STRONG – A Boston Anthem” which pays tribute to the resilient Boston spirit by saying “my town is made of blood and steel, it’s heart like a beating drum”. The song speaks to everything that makes this city so great – and touts our strength and perseverance as people. “And now we live to tell the story, of our hopes, our strength our glory. A soul that is deeper than the ground, we stood on when we found that ‘One’ is not alone”.

This blogger admires Amanda for her passion for Boston and her willingness to contribute something beautiful in this time of need! She is the real deal! Maybe that's why the Wall Street Journal calls her “...a true jazz singer in a time of wannabes”. To Boston, she is so much more now!

Take one listen and you will be hooked! To get a free download of the song or sign the petition to make it an official Boston Anthem visit

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