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Boston Flower and Garden Show

Highlights from the 2011 Boston Flower & Garden Show
Highlights from the 2011 Boston Flower & Garden Show
Carolyn Kraut

It’s been a tough winter here in Boston with over 6 feet of snow, but now you can get an early blast of spring with the 2011 Boston Flower & Garden Show. The Boston Flower & Garden Show opened today (March 16, 2011) at the Seaport World Trade Center and runs through Sunday, March 20, 2011. It’s a great place to get inspiration for transforming or updating your garden, patio, front yard, and even your windowsills.

Cass School of Floral Design display
Carolyn Kraut

The show features garden displays from cutting-edge landscape professionals and local nurseries, lectures, gardening and cooking demonstrations as well as activities for children. You will also see the entrants to the Amateur Horticultural Competition that was sponsored by The Massachusetts Horticultural Society and the Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts, as well as the entrants to a garden photography contest judged by the Garden Clubs of America.

This year the theme for the Boston Flower & Garden Show is container gardens. Each garden display features at least one container. In addition there is a “Container Garden Invitational Display” featuring containers designed by professional florists, landscapers, nurseries and non-profit horticultural groups. There will also be lectures and demonstrations offering tips and design ideas for fruit, vegetable and ornamental containers.

Each year awards are given to many of the exhibitors. Below are some of the major award winners. Check out the accompanying slide show to see pictures of some of the winning displays as well as other features of the show.

• All New England Orchid Societies: MDAR Ribbon, Plant Society

• Bonsai Study Group: Silver Medal of WCHS

• Crystal Brinson, Horticulturist: Boston Flower & Garden Show Premium Award ($2,000)

• Diane Cullen: MDAR - AmHort

• Garden Design School, USA; Class of 2010: MDAR Ribbon - Student Group

• Heimlich Nurseries: Edmund V. Mezitt Award, Cary Award Certificate

• Massachusetts Master Gardeners Association: MDAR Ribbon - Non Profit Organization

• Michael C. Jardin Fine Gardening & Katsura Gardens: Allen C. Haskell Award

• Miskovsky Landscaping & Haskell Nurseries: Boston Flower & Garden Show Premium Award ($3,000), MDAR Award, Horticulture Helps Award

• New EnglandLand Artisans & Potted Up: Lands Design Council of GCFM1, GCFM II, Massachusetts Association of Landscape Professionals Award

• New England Nurseries & William J. Gaipo Landscape Design & Development: MFGA Award

• 2011 Newport Flower Show: Boston Flower & Garden Show Premium Award ($1,000)

• Peter R. Sadeck, Inc: Best of Show Award, Ecological Landscape Association Award, Hort Club of Boston, Emily Seaber Parcher Award, MNLA Award, NENA Award, Boston Society of Landscaping Architects Award


MDAR - Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources

WCHS - Worcester County Horticultural Society

GCFM - Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts

MFGA - Massachusetts Flower Growers Association

MNLA - Massachusetts Nursery & Landscape Association

NENA - New England Nursery Association

After being inspired by the display gardens and contests, check out the booths of the exhibitors that surround the garden displays. There are a bounty of garden related items for sale including herbs, seeds, plants, and fresh cut flowers. Should you have a brown thumb and want to enjoy the beauty of flowers indoors all year round, you can purchase flowers made of cornstarch, clay, wood, and fabric. Other items for sale include books on gardening and landscape design, garden ornaments, patio furniture, plant/flower containers, French and Italian linens inspired by nature, butterfly kits and much more.

Don’t forget to stop by the Massachusetts Master Gardener Association booth in the middle of the floor. There you can get questions answered and pick up care sheets for plants and herbs.

Boston Flower & Garden Show:

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