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Boston firefighters use Disney songs to calm 4-year-old girl and rescue her

firefighters sing Disney songs to keep trapped child calm during rescue
firefighters sing Disney songs to keep trapped child calm during rescue
photo credit - My Fox Boston

Being trapped can be a horrifying experience for anyone and especially for a young child. So when a young girl and her family were trapped in an elevator the Massachusetts firefighters from Reading broke into Disney songs as a way of calming the small girl, according to Fox News.

It seems that Four-year-old Kaelyn Kerr was in an elevator along with her baby brother and mom, Kristin when the door unexpectedly jammed. This can be one of the most scary possible times anyone can experience when trapped in an elevator with no idea when help and eventual freedom will come.

Whatever anxiety that had been present during the family’s ordeal in the elevator only escalated when the firefighters arrived and attempted to use a ladder to rescue the family through the opening at the top of the elevator. It was at that point that the four-year-old began,” freaking out a little bit,” her mom explained, reported Fox News.

It is also when the firefighters went into calming mode and began to sing Disney songs which worked wonders in calming the frightened Kaelyn down. It seems that all Firefighter John Keough had to do was find out what she loved, and he and his partner Scott Myette, also a dad too began to sing and lay the movie theme song from 'Frozen' on his cell phone, according to Fox News.

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