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Boston firefighters forced to break BMW's windows to access a fire hydrant

On Thursday, an unknown Boston BMW driver will either be lighter in the wallet or purse. While Boston firefighters battled an eight-alarm blaze last night, a BMW parked in front of a fire hydrant. Firefighters took the only possible course of action—break out the car’s windows and snake the hose through the passenger and driver side. After firefighters ran the hose through the car, a kink slowed the water flow. Afterward, several firefighters surrounded the car and carried it about a foot away from the hydrant.

The owner of this BMW learned what happens when you illegally park in front of a fire hydrant.
Boston Globe website

Steve MacDonald, a Boston Fire Department representative, referred to water as the most essential tool used to fight a fire. A fire engine can hold almost 800 gallons of water, but a large enough fire can easily use the water supply in minutes. He also said that it’s not typical for firefighters to destroy property to extinguish a fire, but in this fire, the BMW was problematic.

While no deaths or serious injuries occurred, the fire caused massive damage and displaced about 30 people.

A police officer placed a ticket for $100 on the BMW. Full details are available at the Boston Globe website.

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