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Boston firefighter hero saves dog after she fell through ice

Firefighter Sean Coyle rescued 13-year-old husky Sylvie from the icy harbor.
Firefighter Sean Coyle rescued 13-year-old husky Sylvie from the icy harbor.
Boston Fire Department Facebook

A 13-year-old husky dog named Sylvie owes her life to Boston firefighter veteran, Sean Coyle, for saving her life after the dog fell through the ice on Thursday in the Boston Harbor during her early morning walk reported the Boston Herald.

The dog had scampered across the ice near Castle Island when she fell in. Her owner called 911.

Seven-year veteran Coyle donned his cold water survival suit, and using a "stokes basket" to maneuver through the ice was able to pull Sylvie up into his arms. The dog would not have lasted much longer in the 20 degree water; she had already been treading water for a half-hour and along with being extremely cold, Sylvie was exhausted.

It was a happy reunion as Sylvie and her two legged companion were reunited.

And as expected by our firemen heroes, Sean Coyle expressed his feelings about saving the pooch with the following heartwarming statement:

“We look at the pets like citizens. They’re loved by their owners and we want to make sure, whether it’s in a burning building or a freezing lake, we just want to get them out safe.”

The Boston Firefighter's Facebook page shared Sylvie's good fortune on Thursday with many thanks to a job well-done:

"Every day firefighters risk their lives just "doing their job"... Sean Coyle, you went above and beyond, setting a shining example to us all. Thank you from Montréal!"

Stop by their page and congratulate the brave and compassionate firefighters who risk their lives to make this a better world for humans and the pets we love.

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