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Boston family raises money for allergy-sniffing dog

Boston family raises funds for their son, Gabriel, to receive an allergy-sniffing dog.
Boston family raises funds for their son, Gabriel, to receive an allergy-sniffing dog.
Erin Brazil courtesy Being Neighbors

A Boston family has had to watch their three year old son, Gabriel Campbell, go to the hospital seven times after suffering from seven anaphylactic episodes. Gabriel is allergic to peanuts, eggs and dairy. He is limited in his activities and is only safest at home since the allergies are so severe. Gabriel already knows how to use an epi-pen on himself.

Paul Campbell, Garbiel's father, works with disabled adults, while his mother, Erin Brazil, stays at home making sure Gabriel gets through the day without incident.

After doing much research, Brazil came across an article about Angel Service Dogs, Inc. The company trains dogs to detect life-threatening allergies. The family began the application process and was accepted into the program.

The program is not cheap, and it is not covered by any insurance. Training a service dog to detect allergies is $20,000. The family has already been matched with a dog named Sheeba. Now they need the money to cover the cost of training.

The Angel Service Dogs, Inc. website defines an Allergy Alert™ dog as “the standards and processes created by Angel Service Dogs™, Inc. First health tested, then trained by a team of Master Trainers, a dog will be able to detect elements of an allergen in most any form; raw, cooked, oil, butter, dust etc. as deemed necessary by the clients physicians. The ability to detect the clients specific elements and perform as a service dog is verified by a third party testing process.”

Gabriel's family has started a fundraiser in order to pay for the service dog's training. So far, $10,245 out of the $20,000 needed has been raised through a site called Being Neighbors, with an additional $743 through the Angel Service Dogs, Inc. website. The family has also had other fundraisers, raising just over $5,000.

They leave to pick up their new service dog in just a few days but are still shy of their goal.

If you would like to help, please visit Being Neighbors for Gabriel and Sheeba.

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