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Boston College drops Syracuse for their first loss of the season

So what happened? How did Syracuse have their unbeaten season halted by lowly Boston College? The sins are many and have been right there in front of them for several weeks now. Coach Boeheim has said that the team has played well enough to be 20-5 prior to yesterdays defeat. So now what? Let’s look at a few things.

Boston College celebrates in the Dome
Photo by Rich Barnes/Getty Images

Old Rival

Boston College (7-19, 3-10 ACC) is just that, an old foe that knows the team and played as well as they possibly could. This isn’t the first time these two have had a close game over the years and let’s be frank, with certain teams; you may as well forget the records because they are going to battle. Period. SU struggled against them in the first meeting and yesterday they couldn’t hit the side of a barn with a bazooka. Nor could they rebound. Two sins that have threatened to bite them and yesterday they did.

Now What

Duke in Cameron on Saturday. We will see how the team reacts to the loss and we will also see a Duke team that is hot, very hot and feels like the better team did not win here in the Dome. Expect a raucous crowd and a fired up team looking to put the new kid in the ACC in their place. Duke has ruled the ACC for a long time and don’t think that they haven’t been hearing how there are new kings in town.

Then What

Nothing gets easy for the Orange. They have Duke on the road, Maryland on the road (and Maryland barely lost to Duke), then they play at new #1 in the ACC Virginia, the least discussed team in all the land. Georgia Tech at home follows and they finish up at Florida State. This is THE stretch of the season that they could end up with those five losses as coach has said, we shall see. SU stands around watching and playing like they are tired as they seemed yesterday and they may end up with 6 losses before the ACC Tourney comes around.


Is this a wakeup call to your team?

“They’re wide awake. We’re just not hitting shots and not playing well on offense, this is not a complicated thing. We should have two or three more loses in the last three games, but we have made unbelievably tough plays at the end of games and the other teams have either missed shots or made mistakes. They have a guy (Lonnie Jackson) who is 56-percent from the foul line, but he made four in a row. – Coach Jim Boeheim.

Closing Statement

Right now we need to think about having two good days of preparation and Duke is one of the toughest places to play in the last five years and I’m sure they have one of the best home records of any team in the last five years. And they’re playing really well and they attacked us really well here. It’ll be a great challenge for us and that’s something we need for us to regroup. We have plenty of time to reflect back on the season when the season is over.” –Coach Boeheim

“We’ll see. We’ll see how we respond. I mean we have some good guys on our team and guys who don’t like to lose at all and I’m one of those guys and we’ll be ready to practice tomorrow. We’ll be ready to bring it. We have a tough road stretch coming up and we’ll see how we respond. We have to respond the right way.” –guard Trevor Cooney

“It’s tough to go undefeated anyway. Of course you want to win every game but you can’t. It’s a tough loss. We had the game in our hands and we gave the game away.” – forward C.J. Fair

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