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Boston can relate to 'Newtown CT'

As we approach the anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings, it's important to be strong. Boston Strong. Paul Stanley, of Stone Decision was inspired by a different tragedy that shocked the nation. The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, CT was horrific in the number of fatalities as well as the age of the victims. The lyrics in the album “Newtown CT” are full of his emotional response to the news. These feelings mirror what anyone might experience when in a life-altering situation, so the tracks can resonate with many people.

Many artists look at categorizing their work with contempt, but Stone Decision is truly genre-defying. This album contains elements of upbeat pop, classical, rap, chamber music, spoken word, and even melodic rock ballads similar to the sound of Evanescence. It's all very empowering material about vanquishing fear. The EP features “What If”, “Wish”, “Silence and Solitude”, “Suffering Cycle” and “Sunshine”. Each song is focused on the uplifting theme for a cohesive and genuine effect.

You can preview the music on Stone Decision's website. It is available for purchase on iTunes or Amazon.

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