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Boston bombing: 'Meet the Press' leaves Adrianne Haslet-Davis in tears

Adrianne Haslet-Davis
Adrianne Haslet-Davis
Photo by Leigh Vogel

Boston bombing victim Adrianne Haslet-Davis was on "Meet the Press" but she walked out of the interview in tears. On April 12, the New York Daily News reported that dancer Haslet-Davis got very upset when the names of the Boston bombing suspects were said out loud. She hasn't said their names (Dzokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev) and doesn't care to know them or be reminded of them -- so when this happened, she got extremely upset.

"Cannot believe @meetthepress chose to use the bombers name instead of respect their guest. Had to walk off set crying," tweeted Adrianne after the misstep. You see, Adrianne had asked the names not to be spoken -- and while she was told they would respect her wishes, someone slipped up.

The Boston bombing survivor was on "Meet the Press" as part of a "roundtable discussion with three other participants." With the anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings fast approaching (April 15), many interviews and discussions have been aired by news stations across the country. Haslet-Davis did a very nice interview with Anderson Cooper which aired last weekend. She has been very involved in the bombing aftermath and she is an inspiration. For "Meet the Press" to not respect her wishes -- well that caused serious backlash.

Despite an apology from NBC News and from "MTP" host David Gregory, Haslet-Davis was very hurt. She expressed her feelings in an open letter on her website. She clearly has very strong feelings about a day in history that changed her life forever -- and many feel that "MTP" should have been more accommodating. It's not like she was asking too much.

Obviously "Meet the Press" wanted the Boston bombing segment to go differently but many applaud Haslet-Davis for her courage. Many in Boston and around the world respect her and she deserves nothing but that. The 33-year-old lost the lower part of her left leg in the Boston bombings in 2013. She has since walked and danced again thanks to a prosthetic leg.